moment #0 – the water is fine

scenographer: Yoka Sara
motion arts: Panji Krishna

music & composer: Gde Yudane
lyric: Pranita Dewi
the voice: Tara Darsana, Pranita Dewi, Petra Moerbeek, Justine Petit, Margaux Michaud
recording: Anom Darsana & Antida

Sprites Bali • Art and Creative Biennale 2013

SPRITES [Initial]

“This event is raising philosophy and cosmology virtue in Balinese society and capturing the ongoing sociocultural changes. “Sprites” is not only presents as a mere masterpiece-showcasing event, but also following some creating processes so that “Sprites” is capable in presenting total art.”
Yoka Sara • Initiator and scenographer.

Sprite sequences of events will be held within three months, starting from June 9 to September 6, 2013 (theres will be #9 series of moment), taking place in the Limeston Quarry Jimbaran. The rhythm of the event presentation is divided into nine Pengawak, continue with the timing adjusted to Lunar calendar. The timeline with lunar characteristics will have the phases of two Tilem (dark moon) and three Purnama (full moon)