is a motion graphic designer from Bali, Indonesia. He graduated from NewMedia in Academy of design & Arts – graphic design & multimedia major. Now he live at Jakarta. Good personality, attitude and work as team. before in motion design Panji work to make a brand identity, some of his works is logo & Identity “Bale Bali” coffe & cafe in Jogjakarta 2008, Identity and Campaign “Carolia Charity.Inc” Australia – Bali, 2008, logo and brand identity Petrified wood Putra Jambu II in Jogjakarta 2010, design of “Introduce to Papua” book by karl marx 2008 and others. Now Panji known as motion graphic designer, experienced in some national private tv production. At 2011 Panji and his studio make a collaboration with famous art director Garin Nugroho in Mix Media – art installation project called “Sarang Kehidupan” at Bazaar Art – Pasific Place. Now with his friends panji found his own professional design studio, furyco studio at Jakarta and concentration in design and motion. In 2015 one of his motion film selected 4 best motion film at DOT MOV Festival – Japan, and in 2016 has featured in exhibition and screening at Biennial Muviparty 2016 by OK Video. In 2017 his works ‘satuhati’ has exhibited at BAZAAR ART Jakarta 2017 – Pasific Place. In 2018 His work featured in COLLECTED Design Book published by DGI & Corse Design Factory New York. Artist Featured on Crypto Art Week Asia 2021.

as always panji open for collaboration project with everyone and others artist in the world!